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Shady Scheme used to Siphon RM1 Billion from YHN Property Bhd

Delve into the alleged shady scheme used by the Yu Syndicate, controlled by Yu Kuan Chon and Yu Kuan Huat, to siphon RM1 billion from YNH Property BHD through joint ventures involving 18 dead or frozen projects.

Rapid Synergy Deceives Malaysia Security Commission in a Botched Cover-Up

YU KUAN CHON, Director of Rapid Synergy Bhd, tricks Malaysia Security Commission in a botched cover-up of indirect shareholdings. CHAN WENG FUI, a connected party, has undisclosed substantial shares in the company.

YU Syndicate Axes ALX Directors YNH Property is caught Red-Handed

YU Syndicate's leaders replace exposed directors at ALX Assets after being caught in a scandal involving YNH Property Bhd & Rapid Synergy Bhd.

Breaking News: YNH Property Bhd Entangled in MYR 20 Million Embezzlement...

YNH Property Bhd faces an embezzlement scandal involving over MYR 20 million in a suspicious joint venture deal. Key personnel are implicated, with regulatory violations and potential tax evasion being exposed.

Tunku Yaacob Khyra: The Mastermind Behind KNM Group Bhd’s Vote Rigging...

Dive into the unfolding scandal at KNM Group Bhd, where Tunku Datuk Yaacob Khyra is identified as the ringleader of a vote rigging and shareholder identity misuse scheme. This exposé reveals the depths of the fraudulent activities that have thrust the company into the spotlight of federal investigations and led to significant legal and corporate governance repercussions.

YNH Property Bhd Scandal: A Family Affair of Fraud, Embezzlement, and...

In this shocking exposé, we unravel the complex web of deceit surrounding the YU Syndicate and YNH Property Bhd, where key players allegedly embezzled millions through fraudulent joint ventures and secret agreements. Discover the dark side of corporate Malaysia and the implications of this massive scandal.

Asian FX, stocks rise as strong U.S. GDP data aids risk...

The Philippine Peso and the Malaysian Ringgit led advances among Asian currencies on Friday. As overnight data revealed the U.S. economy’s resiliency, increasing investor...

Malaysia’s total trade up 8.6% to RM236bil in December 2022

Malaysia’s total trade for December 2022 amounted to RM236.0 billion. An increase of 8.6 per cent year-on-year (y-o-y). With exports rising 6.0 per cent...

IAEA sends staff to all Ukraine nuclear plants in safety bid

KYIV, Ukraine: In order to lessen the chance of catastrophic mishaps while Russia’s war on Ukraine continues. The International Atomic Energy Agency has dispatched...

China investment will boost green economy in Malaysia, says biz leader

IPOH: According to a prominent member of the business community. Increased Chinese investment will aid Malaysia in its transition to low-carbon development. According to Datuk...