July 26, 2023

Two High-Stake Investigations Shed Light on Biden Family Activities

In recent times, the spotlight has turned towards two prominent congressional investigations, each unraveling a different facet of the Biden family’s activities. The first inquiry delves into potential criminal activities linked to the Biden family’s financial endeavors. Simultaneously, the second investigation scrutinizes federal law enforcement agencies’ actions, raising suspicions of their efforts to shield the Bidens while targeting former President Donald Trump.

Central Role of President Joe Biden

At the heart of these narratives stands President Joe Biden, intricately linked to both the money-making ventures and the alleged manipulation of federal law enforcement.

Money-Making Ventures and Hunter Biden’s Role

While Hunter Biden has drawn attention as a figure in various controversies, his involvement primarily revolves around facilitating the family’s financial enrichment. It is noteworthy that the funds flowing to Hunter Biden are not due to his expertise or artistic prowess but stem from his association with the Biden family. His situation prompts contemplation – had his last name been “Jones,” he would likely be struggling as an unemployed artist.

Corruption of Federal Law Enforcement

In a parallel strand, President Biden’s role extends to shaping the conduct of federal law enforcement agencies. Although Hunter Biden remains ostensibly protected, his influence appears inadequate to orchestrate agencies’ deviations from their protocols or impede justice on behalf of the Bidens.

A Troubling Sequence of Events

Revealing incidents further underscore the apparent manipulation. Whistleblowers from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) recently testified that the Department of Justice (DOJ) obstructed investigations into potential tax-related transgressions by Hunter Biden. Testimonies indicate that high-ranking DOJ officials hindered the pursuit of significant charges, limiting the investigation’s scope. Intriguingly, IRS investigators encountered obstacles while attempting to review vital communications related to the case. Moreover, the investigation’s impartiality was compromised when Hunter Biden was tipped off by Joe Biden’s political transition team, sabotaging his interrogation.

A Lenient Plea Deal Raises Questions

Perhaps the most perplexing turn of events was the DOJ’s lenient plea deal offer to Hunter Biden. This offer came after his failure to pay taxes exceeding $1.5 million for two years and false statements on a federal firearms form. The perceived favoritism in this instance has sparked allegations of bias and special treatment. However, DOJ officials, including U.S. Attorney General Merrick Garland, dismiss these claims as politically motivated.

Media’s Acceptance of the DOJ Narrative

Amid these revelations, the media has largely embraced the DOJ’s perspective, reinforcing the Biden White House’s outlook. Yet, it’s crucial to acknowledge that the IRS operates independently within the Department of the Treasury, maintaining separate enforcement powers from the DOJ and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI).

A Broader Pattern of Behavior

President Biden’s associations with biased protectionism extend beyond the IRS investigation. Recall the concerted efforts by former intelligence officials to label Hunter Biden’s laptop data as Russian disinformation, subsequently proven erroneous. Notably, the media tends to favor the initial narrative propagated by these officials.

Unanswered Questions and Allegations

Significant gaps remain in the inquiry process. Pertinent queries include the rationale behind a Chinese oligarch gifting Hunter Biden a diamond, the $3.5 million payment from the widow of Moscow’s former mayor, and his appointment to a Ukrainian oil & gas company board. The lack of comprehensive federal investigations into financial transactions involving the Biden family raises concerns.

The Bigger Picture: Protecting Oneself

Amid the maze of Hunter Biden’s controversies, a central truth emerges: President Joe Biden’s actions primarily safeguard his own interests. Hunter Biden’s protection is not driven by compassion for a recovering addict or familial loyalty. Rather, it serves to shield President Biden from scrutiny concerning his past influence-peddling endeavors.

In Conclusion

These intricate investigations and controversies spotlight the interconnectedness of the Biden family’s financial dealings and the manipulation of federal law enforcement agencies. Unraveling the layers of Hunter Biden’s involvement reveals President Biden’s influential role in shaping these narratives. The true narrative portrays President Biden’s pursuit of personal enrichment through familial and political channels.