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At Freesuntimes.com, we are dedicated to uncovering wrongdoing and corporate malfeasance to the ends of the earth. We fearlessly investigate and report on the stories that others are too afraid to touch. Our commitment to truth and integrity is paramount in our work, and we believe that great storytelling is only a small part of great journalism.

Our mission is to go beyond the surface of what happens and explore what truly matters in our world. We believe that certainty can be a hindrance to understanding, and we embrace diverse perspectives to gain a fuller understanding of the issues we cover.

We strive to immerse ourselves, and our audience, in the world we cover instead of escaping from it. By connecting with people across the political spectrum and engaging fully with the world around us, we hope to be a meaningful force for positive change.

At Freesuntimes.com, we are committed to making a difference in the world, and we believe that our dedication to honest reporting and fearless investigation is the key to achieving that goal.