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Erika has been writing stories since high school as a campus journalist to college. After pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication, she was employed in a local newspaper, radio station, and finally in this esteemed organization wherein she embarks on investigative reports. I believe in Writing the wrongs. for new submissions, email me directly

Putin Reiterates Russia’s Nuclear Readiness Amid Sovereignty Concerns

President Vladimir Putin reiterates Russia's preparedness to utilize nuclear weapons should its sovereignty or independence face threats, casting another stark caution to Western powers just ahead of an impending election.

Volcanic Eruption in Indonesia Disrupts Air Travel, Spreads Ash to Malaysia

Discover how the eruption of Mount Ruang in Indonesia has disrupted air travel and led to ashfall reaching Malaysia, prompting evacuation efforts amid fears of potential tsunamis.

Southeast Asia Human Trafficking: A Lucrative Global Crisis Unveiled by Interpol

Interpol's revelation of Southeast Asia's human trafficking-fueled fraud unveils a staggering global crisis, with criminal syndicates raking in trillions annually. Learn how these operations exploit victims and evade law enforcement.

Xi Jinping Touches Down in France Amidst EU-Ukraine Trade Tensions

Delve into Xi Jinping's diplomatic mission to France, navigating trade disputes, EU scrutiny, and efforts to bolster Sino-French relations amidst global challenges.

Eurojust Assists in Disrupting €645 Million Medicinal Cannabis Investment Fraud Across...

Eurojust collaborates with national authorities across Europe to dismantle a €645 million fraud scheme involving fake investments in medicinal cannabis plants. The operation results in the arrest of nine suspects and the seizure of millions in assets.

Conman Sentenced to 10 Years for $175M Psychic Fraud Scheme

Canadian fraudster Patrice Runner sentenced to 10 years for orchestrating a massive psychic mass-mailing fraud scheme, swindling over $175 million from unsuspecting victims.

Landmark Verdict: Vietnam Tycoon Sentenced to Death in Record Fraud Case

In a historic decision, a Vietnamese court sentences property tycoon Truong My Lan to death for her pivotal role in a multibillion-dollar fraud scheme, underscoring the nation's crackdown on corruption and financial malpractice.

Israel’s Response to Iran’s Air Assault: Netanyahu’s Stand

Netanyahu remains resolute amid mounting pressure for restraint, while Iran issues stern warnings against potential reprisals.

Uncovering the Kremlin’s Efforts to Conceal Russia’s Military Setbacks

August 10, 2023 Amidst the ongoing conflict in Ukraine, the Kremlin finds itself in a precarious position, grappling with the emerging controversies swirling within Russia's...

China’s Military Deploys Fighter Jets and Naval Ships towards Taiwan

August 10, 2023 TAIPEI, Taiwan (AP) — In a fresh and potent display of military assertiveness, China has directed a fleet of navy ships and...