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A multimedia journalist focused on producing articles about controversial global issues specifically on business, economy, politics, and technology. A strong believer in freedom of the press and exposing the wrong. only through engagement and communications can we as humans evolve. An accredited member of a leading local broadcast media organization.

Microsoft’s $2.2 Billion Pledge: Empowering Malaysia with AI and Cloud Investments

Discover how Microsoft's $2.2 billion investment in Malaysia is set to revolutionize the nation's technological landscape, driving AI adoption and empowering businesses and individuals alike.

Unraveling the Connection Between Diet and Cancer Risk: A Novel Discovery

Scientists unveil a novel link between diet, metabolism, and cancer risk, revealing how changes in glucose metabolism can influence tumor-suppressing genes, offering potential avenues for cancer prevention and early detection.

Unrest Sweeps Georgia Amid Controversial ‘Foreign Agent’ Legislation

Amid escalating tensions, Georgia grapples with protests against a proposed 'foreign agent' law, sparking fears of democratic backsliding and a push towards Russian influence.

Biden urges Congress to end impasse and send aid to Israel...

President Joe Biden urges Congress to end the impasse and provide aid to Israel and Ukraine amid rising tensions with Iran. The call comes after Iran's weekend attack against Israel, prompting concerns about potential escalation and the need for bolstered defenses in the region.

Trump Media’s stock ‘DJT’ rises for a change — has its...

Trump Media & Technology Group Corp. sees a rare uptick in its stock price, with shares rallying 15.6% after days of decline. Despite recent losses, Donald Trump's equity stake recovers about $280 million in paper gains. Meta Description: Trump Media & Technology Group Corp. experiences a notable stock rally, gaining 15.6% amidst broader market decline. Despite recent setbacks, Donald Trump's equity stake sees a rebound of $280 million in paper gains.

Ukraine’s Dire Warning: Potential Consequences Amidst Stalled Aid Vote

Ukraine's Prime Minister warns of dire consequences as Congress mulls foreign aid, underscoring the gravity of the situation amidst mounting geopolitical tensions.

The Plastic Tide: Southeast Asia’s Battle Against Imported Trash

In Labuan, Indonesia, once-pristine beaches now bear the burden of imported plastic waste, underscoring Southeast Asia's struggle against a mounting environmental crisis.

Malaysian High Court Halts KNM Group’s Restructuring, Citing Legal Breaches and...

In a decisive move, the Malaysian High Court has rejected KNM Group Berhad's bid for a restructuring lifeline, spotlighting a series of legal violations and the scheme's lack of viability.

Russian Elite Seek Refuge in Thailand: Phuket’s Transformation

July 28, 2023 Thailand's allure as a premier tourist destination has welcomed a unique cohort to its picturesque landscapes – Russian elites. As Western doors...

Lawsuit: Halim Saad Takes Legal Action Against Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad

10 August, 2023 KUALA LUMPUR: Renowned businessman Tan Sri Halim Saad has initiated legal proceedings against Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad and two other individuals, citing...